Goodbye, Losers!

Goodbye, Losers!
Posted on November 16, 2015 19:36

Now, before you get upset with me calling people losers, let me explain what a loser is...

A loser is anyone who has lost time looking for their keys. A loser is anyone who has been late to class because they couldn't find their bag. A loser is anyone who has left their wallet at a restaurant. A loser is anyone who loses stuff, loses time looking for stuff, or loses their mind when they think, "I could have sworn I set it right there!"

If you hate losing stuff, forgetting stuff, misplacing stuff, and leaving stuff behind as much as we do, then you need to get a couple ANKRs and join the "Unlosers Club."

It's time to take back the 10 minutes we spend everyday being a loser.

"I was once a loser, but not anymore! I put ANKRs on all my stuff, sold my girlfriend's cat, and called my mom."

- Nate

Here at ANKR headquarters in Nashville, TN, we want to welcome all of the losers and unlosers of the world. Follow along and you can expect plenty of really great, worthwhile photos of Nate's girlfriend's cat flooding your inbox.

In the meantime, get-ya-some ANKRs and let us know how much they change your life.