White Elephant Gifts Worth Stealing

White Elephant Gifts Worth Stealing
Posted on December 10, 2015 09:23

It’s that time of year again. You know, the time where you want to impress all your friends and family with the perfect gift, but you don’t want to break the bank. Here’s a list of gifts perfect for any holiday gathering. The best part? They’re all under $25.

1. Camera Shaped USB Drive






Struggling to find a gift for your photography-loving cousin? Look no further.
This unique flash drive has 8GB of storage space and tons of style. And it’s only $20.


2. Touch Tonic For Gloves

Nothing’s worse than having to take your fingers out of your warm, toasty gloves into the frigid cold to answer a phone call. Instead of cutting off the fingertips of your favorite pair of gloves, try Touch Tonic. Simply apply the liquid to the fingertips of your gloves, and voila! Now you can play Minecraft while you’re waiting on the subway without taking off your gloves.


3. DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Any guitarist knows the pain of losing your beloved guitar pick. With this pick punch, you’ll never have to worry about playing pick-free again. For $24.99, you’re able to DIY a guitar pick out of anything plastic, from old credit cards to packaging material.



Give your friends and family the gift of joining the un-losers club this year. This small electronic device makes your stuff smart and hard to lose. When you’re about to leave something behind, like your keys or wallet, you’ll get a notification on your phone. The best part? You can now buy multi-pack bundles and save up to 30%.


5. Robot Tea Infuser

Have a tea drinker in your life? This robot tea infuser would make the perfect gift. The robot’s arms and hands adjust to the size of your mug. You can find him on Amazon for less than $10.


6. Liquid Plastic Welder Kit

Apple chargers are notorious for breaking once you’ve had your new phone for two whole months. This little gadget can be used to bond, fill in, or even build plastic parts. Get it for only $22.


7. Beverage Warmer

Who actually enjoys waiting on their coffee to cool to the perfect temperature each morning? Not us. Somewhere between piping hot and lukewarm is the perfect sipping temperature, and this gadget helps keep your coffee or tea hot until you’ve finished it. The beverage warmer requires no special mug or cup and costs less than $20.


8. Emergency Phone Charger

The PulsePak Emergency Charger attaches to your keyring and features a retractable micro-USB or Lightning charging connector that’s compatible with almost any device. The charger extends your phone’s battery life by two hours, so you’ll never miss another important phone call or email. Get it for $19.59.


9. Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker

Know someone who drinks soda all day long? This compact hand-held soda maker is just for them! You can gift this easy, cost effective way to make your favorite drinks right from home for only $15.