New Year, Same ANKR

New Year, Same ANKR
Posted on January 13, 2016 11:16

Every year, we all make a New Year’s resolution. And every year, we’re back to the same old habits four days later. Why not have a resolution you’ll actually stick with for once?

“This year, I want to stop losing all my stuff.”

Sounds hard to do, right? Wrong. ANKR makes it easy. It may be a new year, but we’re still the same ANKR dedicated to helping you kiss losing your stuff goodbye.

Everyone’s going to misplace something this year. It’s inevitable. ANKRing your belongings means you’ll never lose your stuff again. When you leave without your keys or wallet, the ANKR app sends a push notification to your phone alerting you that you’ve left something behind so you never lose it in the first place. Whether it’s your keys or your luggage on an international flight, you’ll always be able to keep track of your stuff.

Do yourself (and your stuff) a favor this year. Make losing your stuff a thing of the past.