Keep Up with Your Wallet & Your Money

Keep Up with Your Wallet & Your Money
Posted on January 21, 2016 15:58

We all know that ANKRs are great for keeping up with your stuff. But keeping up with your finances isn’t always as simple.

These free apps help make managing your money as simple as ANKRing your wallet. 

1. Mvelopes

Envelope budgeting on the go. You can track your bills, manage your budget, and plan ahead from anywhere. Mvelopes captures receipts in real time, so you can update your budget at the point of purchase.

2. Mint

Check your credit, track your spending, manage your debt, supervise your investments, and create easy to follow budgets. Mint also has alerts that help avoid unnecessary fees, suspicious activity, and over spending.

3. BillGuard

Make sure you understand your spending habits and protect your cards from fraud and unauthorized transactions. This app syncs with your bank account and holds you accountable for every transaction made with your account.

4. Expensify

An easy way to add expenses, track time, and track distances. The app has a ‘SmartScan’ feature where users can photograph, categorize, and tag receipts, then add them to expense reports. This is a great way to manage expense reports alongside daily purchases and earnings.