Wearable Tech: What's Next?

Wearable Tech: What's Next?
Posted on January 29, 2016 16:34

It's 2016. Technology can track your steps, keep up with your sleep, and find your stuff. And now, it can keep up with your sweat.

Yes, you read that correctly. The latest wearable tech device on the market features a set of sensors that measure the chemicals in your sweat. Sounds kind of gross, right?

Inspired by one of the most common ailments suffered by runners and other athletes, the device can sense when someone is dehydrated based on chemical levels in perspiration. The data is then transmitted to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. Learn more about the sweat-sensing bracelet here.

Wearable tech is constantly evolving as new products enter the market. From automating your home's temperature to monitoring your heart rate, this particular industry is changing the way people go about their daily lives. What's going to be the next big device to take the industry by storm? 

Well, by the looks of things, the wearables industry is not where the money’s at.

According to Smith, wearables are not projected to grow in the next 3-4 years nearly as much as devices that fall within the IoT. With this forecast, consumers are expected to continue their interest in items such as the Apple Watch, Nest, Amazon’s Dash button, and ANKR.

Maybe it’s time for the wearable industry to sweat.