The Surprise Scavenger Hunt

The Surprise Scavenger Hunt
Posted on February 10, 2016 12:49

The rush to get out the door every morning always seems to involve an unfortunate game that we as children used to love to play – a scavenger hunt. You’ve got your coffee, wallet, and jacket, but you notice something is missing.

“Where in the world did I set that?”

Feel like the only one who is constantly being forced into a hide and go seek for your things every day? You’re not. According to a study, we are spending at least 10 minutes a day searching for our belongings. Do the math. That’s over 60 hours a year – basically a weekend lost.

So what’s stealing our precious time away? And what’s the solution?

To no surprise, the items that we can’t seem to locate are the ones we use most frequently. House keys, car keys, and mobile devices top the list of most wanted. While some writers advise just “waiting” around for your future self to stumble upon the item, the absence of any of these top 3 objects can force our day to an abrupt halt.

If you want to reclaim those days spent searching for your keys that are not in their “spot,” invest in an item that takes the guesswork out of the item’s location.

ANKR it.