How to Make a Custom ANKR

How to Make a Custom ANKR
Posted on May 04, 2017 14:46

Create a custom smart tracker that looks the way you want, works the way you need.

It occurred to us when we were initially designing the ANKR — a device that helps you keep track of your everyday stuff — that we wanted our tracker to be, in and of itself, something you’d want to keep around. From where we stand, a functional electronic device is key; an aesthetically cool device you’re proud to hang on to/show off is a big, welcome bonus.

"Our first step in creating a useful and beautiful smart tracker was its shape: sleek, smart, thin, easy to hide, but also easy to show off."

Next we wanted the front to be about you, not us. We wanted it to be a canvas of inspiration. So we designed it with a customizable face or “top panel” that’s easily swappable. That way someone can choose one of our designs or make their own and to be visually representative of who they are or what they love.

Thus: the Custom ANKR. We love art, design, individuality, and see customization as part of the ANKR experience, not a complicated upgrade. If you customize your ANKR, there’s no upcharge, no minimum, no setup fees. It just takes a few extra days to print.

Crazy Durable Printing

ANKRs last a long time — the batteries are replaceable, so you’re not trading in a dead tracker every six months to a year. We wanted Custom ANKR art to last just as long, so we use ultra-high res, ultra-hard Diamond-Tech Printing. It looks impressively vibrant and detailed, and easily stands up to the daily abuse of keys in a pocket without showing wear.

Creating a Custom ANKR

Putting art/photos you’re inspired by on a Custom ANKR isn’t complicated. (It’s actually pretty fun.) If you can upload a photo to Facebook or Instagram, you’re good.

  • Head to the ANKR Shop and choose the color Custom ANKR base you’d prefer — black or light gray.

  • Click Add image and use Facebook or upload a PNG, GIF or JPG file

  • Drag/adjust the image until it’s perfect and add text if you like

  • Click add to cart, and check out.

(If you’re looking for company gifts, we offer bulk discounts on ANKRs, too.)

Everyone on the ANKR team has custom-printed ANKRs, and we love giving them away as gifts. We love seeing what kinds of designs ANKR users come up with, too.

Inspired? Create your own custom ANKR here, and say goodbye to losing your stuff, with your own unique voice.

Check out the ANKR Support page if you have more questions or would like to dig a little deeper.

Happy customizing,