Even smart trackers have limits

Even smart trackers have limits
Posted on June 08, 2017 11:09

ANKR is the best smart tracker for the job. But even we have our limits.


One of the things we always try to stress about the ANKR is how versatile it is as a loss-stopping device.

It’s about as long as a standard key, and thick as two stacked up. You can hang it on your keychain, wedge it in your wallet, stick it in your sunglasses case, sew it in your teddy bear, hang it off the zipper pull on your favorite jacket.

Since it’s small and sleek and easy to use, there are very few things, belongings-wise, that an ANKR can’t help you keep track of. We do, however, have to cop to a few shortcomings — things that, realistically, an ANKR can’t help you hold on to.

Even so, we’re inclined to do what we can. Below, advice from pros, with links for further reading.


A few tips on not losing…



Set clear goals and deadlines.

Prioritize, and tackle tasks in that order.

Eat a good, healthy meal before you start.

Take regular breaks.

Turn off the devices that are distracting you.

Maybe give meditation a go.



Keep to a schedule.

Lower the thermostat, and slap on some socks.

Cut off screen time an hour or two before bedtime.

No caffeine after lunch, no big meals in the evening.

If you need a late-night snack, try bananas, or yogurt, or some mixture of healthy carbs and protein.

Tell your pooch to hit the bricks.



Deep breaths.

Take note of your triggers.

Take a beat, or better, two.

Force yourself to wait for small stuff, as patience training.



Declare your intentions aloud, to others.

Focus on long-term goals.

Break big projects down into manageable pieces, make a list, and cross off as you go.

Plan to reward yourself.

Strike a power pose!



Note, mark down and celebrate your accomplishments.

Dress for success.

Adjust your body language.

Take a break from the downer people in your life.

Embrace imperfection.

Tell the voice in your head to pipe down.


Sense of humor

Make a point of trying to find the funny every day.

Keep taking a break from the downer people in your life.

The people who keep you laughing, though — grab ‘em tight.

If you have to, fake a smile until it starts to inspire real ones.



Um. Shrimp?


For pretty much everything else, grab an ANKR or three, and you’re prepped to keep all kinds of losing at bay.  

Buy a standard ANKR (or three-pack here), or design a custom ANKR with any imagery you want here.