Killer keychain gadgets

Killer keychain gadgets
Posted on June 23, 2017 12:20

A few tiny-but-mighty tools that, like the ANKR, deserve space on your keyring.

We could argue that an ANKR is the most valuable thing you can put on a keychain besides your keys, since our bluetooth tracker (stylishly) insures that you don’t lose whatever it’s attached to.

Next to our essentials and ANKRs, though, we find ourselves drawn to other tiny-but-mighty tools that make life easier, and do so with style.

Below, a few small, useful and portable gadgets/tools we like, all of which offer a good blend of small size, big function. 

Keychain tools to complement your ANKR 



Griffin Power Bank Backup Battery

If you’re a functioning adult in 2017, chances are good that you’re hopelessly attached to the internet. And that when you’re out running around, you live in at least mild terror of a dead battery. Which is why a power bank like this is a good friend. This one’s specifically for the Apple Watch; there are plenty of portable power banks that work with smartphones, but they’re usually larger than keychain-sized. Griffin’s based in Nashville, like ANKR, and we think their products are aesthetically and functionally top-notch.


Swiss Tech Micro-Max multi-tool

There are a million variations on the keychain multi-tool format, many focused on specific needs — survival tools, car-repair tools, beer and wine tools… We tend to look for flexibility, adaptability and lack of pocket clutter, so we shoot simple: the long-loved Micro-Max, which you can probably find around your local hardware store’s checkout counter. If you’ve never played with this thing: It’s super tiny, and has 19 tools, from screwdrivers to a hand-drill and pliers. Few things aside of an ANKR (or WonderCube) are this useful and this small.



Keysmart Swiss Army-style key organizer

This one’s for those of us with a big jumble of keys — home, office, garage, etc., all clanging around in our pockets/bags. A bunch of companies make these Swiss Army-style organizers that wrangle the mess, but we like this one, because it’s sleek and customizable (things we put into ANKR’s design too).


Bomber Paracord keychain

If, say, you ever found yourself alone in the woods and needing to lash together a makeshift raft, paracord would probably come in a lot more handy than a tech gadget. Never hurts to be prepared. There are lots of these around too, but this one comes with a flint firestarter, for extra stuck-in-the-woods benefit.



Keychain Duct Tape

Maybe the only thing more universally useful than paracord? Duct tape, obviously. This keeps a small roll of it on your person at all times. And it’s refillable.



Native Union key cable

If you’re always forgetting your charger, this is a life-saver, and a particularly cool-looking one. Native Union offers Lightning and Micro-USB keychain chargers in a bunch of different colors/patterns, it’s tiny and durable (there’s Kevlar in there), and when opened up, offers 6.5 inches of charging cable.




inCharge keyring charging cable

If you’re looking to save space on your keyring and still have a charging cable on you 24/7, inCharge’s keychain cable is a great option. It’s super tiny — 1.5 inches long — and clasps around your keyring using magnets. You can buy one with lightning or microUSB connections, and it comes in colors from black and white to pink and purple, too.

As always, if you’d like to make sure you don’t lose your gadgets/keys (or anything else you prefer to hold on to), grab an ANKR or three here.