Lost stuff statistics

Lost stuff statistics
Posted on May 17, 2017 12:38

Some global statistics that show just how much stuff we all lose, all the time, everywhere.

The harsh reality we have to face as modern human beings: We lose a lot. All the time, really.

Keys, wallets, credit cards, often our sanity — we’re marching off without the stuff we need at a pretty spectacular rate, according to masses of data you’ll find all around the internet.

This is, of course, at the core of why ANKR exists. While we don’t necessarily need studies and research to tell us how frequently we drop our keys and fumble our wallets — we’ve all done it enough ourselves — the facts and figures are plentiful, and they are ugly.

Curious to see just how much time and money we waste on misplacement? Brace yourself, and see below.



The key to avoiding joining these stats, at least from where we sit: Putting an ANKR on anything you’d prefer not to lose.

Have any of your own tales of woe you’d like to share? Do tell — if your losing-stuff experience is fascinating/cringe-worthy enough to pass along here, we might send you a free ANKR, with thanks and condolences.