Quit losing your keys, for good

Quit losing your keys, for good
Posted on May 17, 2017 12:39

ANKR's aim isn't just to help you find your stuff, but to keep you from losing it in the first place.

We’ve all had the experience: that sinking moment when you realize your wallet’s not in your pocket or your keys aren’t in your bag, and your day’s about to get... complicated.

A big part of the reason we developed the ANKR was to free people from that feeling, as consistently and thoroughly as possible.

The key to doing that well, we felt, was more than creating something that helps you find lost stuff, but developing a tool that stops you from losing things in the first place.

The simple way an ANKR stops you from losing your stuff:

ANKR has a voice, and it knows when to use it. After a simple setup with the ANKR app — where you’ll set a few safe zones, like your house and office — your ANKR understands where it’s supposed to be, and when it’s in danger of being left behind.

Your smartphone and ANKR work as a team. If they get separated, the ANKR app sends a pop-up alert — a helpful nudge encouraging you to go grab what you’re about to forget.

Pull out of the driveway while your wallet’s on the kitchen counter? Alert. Leave Grandma’s house without your 2-year-old’s irreplaceable stuffed bunny? Same.


You won’t get far before the ANKR app saves you from forgetfulness. Depending on where you are (open air/within the walls of a building), an ANKR alert will pop up when you’ve gotten between 80 and 250 feet away — far enough to limit false alarms, close enough for you to quickly grab your stuff and go.

But what if something does get lost?

If you happen to miss your ANKR’s mayday alerts, all is not lost. We built two easy safeguards into ANKR’s functionality.

First thing: Our app lets you trigger a pleasant but ear-grabbing tone on your ANKR, so if it’s nearby, the misplaced item will call you right to it.

If you’ve gotten some distance, you’re still OK. The ANKR app drops location markers as you move about, so it can show you where your ANKRd item was last “seen.” It’s kind of like retracing your steps, only with a helpful, detailed map. Once you get close, you can use the tone to pinpoint where you left your item.


ANKRing what you can’t bear to lose

Users have created cool custom ANKRs to hang on the zipper pull of a favorite jacket. We’ve had photographers ANKR camera bags, musicians ANKR guitar cases, busy travelers tuck an ANKR in the case of their favorite sunglasses.

Far and away, keys and wallets are the most commonly ANKRd items. But we also designed the ANKR to be small, sleek and aesthetically pleasing enough to work with just about anything you can’t bear to lose.

The opportunity to get reminders from all of your can’t-forget items was baked into ANKRs development too — you can track up to 20 ANKRs with one mobile device, and define up to 20 safe zones for flexibility. And we now off  ANKR 3-packs (with a nice discount), to make it that much easier to kiss losing stuff goodbye.

Ready to test it out? Head on over to the ANKR Shop now. And if you have any more questions about how the ANKR works, our support page is stocked with helpful info.