Monthly custom ANKR: July 2017

Monthly custom ANKR: July 2017
Posted on July 10, 2017 12:29

For July, we're waving a red, white and blue flag that keeps your important stuff protected from loss. 

In June, we launched a new series: monthly limited-edition custom ANKRs, with designs that pay homage to our particular moment in time.

We thought this’d be a fun way to exercise a little creativity, nod toward things we felt inspired by, and add a few visual surprises to the ANKR lineup.

Where we should go for June’s focus felt obvious, as does July’s: While you’re celebrating America's birth month, take a look at the new July RWB ANKR.

We considered paying visual homage to freedom with a bald eagle, with amber waves of grain, with everyone on Mount Rushmore giving an enthusiastic (if stony) thumbs up… but ultimately, it felt like showing deference to the old Red, White and Blue was the most freedom-y thing we could do.

If you’d like to snag a RWB ANKR during the month of July, do so here in the ANKR store. We’ll announce a fresh, limited-edition design in early August, so this one’s available through the end of the month. 

You can also win a July ANKR 

Every month, we’re also offering the chance to win a monthly custom ANKR, by sharing your stories.

Email, and tell us about something priceless you’ve lost, how an ANKR saved you from losing something priceless — anything that illustrates how or why you found us.

We’re always inspired by hearing about how ANKRs have helped our users, and learning how we might help you more. And if you share with us, we might share with you: As thanks for our favorite stories, we’ll be giving away each month’s ANKR.

Submit anytime before August; we’ll post some of the best submissions on our blog. As always, you can also create an ANKR that looks exactly the way you want — head here to upload your own photos, art or logos onto a custom ANKR. Same price, super crisp and durable printing, typically 3-5 days turnaround time.



Thanks for ANKRing, and for sharing, and happy birthday, America,