Monthly Custom ANKR: June 2017

Monthly Custom ANKR: June 2017
Posted on June 16, 2017 10:59

At the top of each new month, we’re going to unveil a new custom ANKR design that’ll be available that month only.

The ANKR’s best attribute is, simply, how well and how effortlessly it works — clip one on your stuff, download the ANKR app, and you have a 24/7 guard that’ll warn you before you lose something.

But our smart tracker’s looks aren’t an afterthought, either. We put a lot of work into designing a sleek and cool-looking tool, and upped the ante by allowing our users to easily custom design the top ANKR panel with any imagery you want.

Since aesthetics are important to us, we wanted to highlight how easy and fun it is to create custom ANKRs by launching a monthly series. Right now, with this:

June Custom Rainbow ANKR, and a giveaway.

Since June is Pride Month, we’re paying homage with a Rainbow ANKR, available through Friday, June 30.

Early in July, we’ll introduce the next design. And to make this series a little more interactive, we’re also adding a giveaway component.

We’d like to hear more about how and why ANKRs help our users, so we want your stories. Email, and tell us about your most frustrating bout with lost stuff, a saved-by-an-ANKR close call — why you got an ANKR, why you’re thinking about getting a few, or any other experience that inspired you to explore the world of the smart tracker.

At the end of the month, we’ll go through the stories we received, and share our favorite here. To the person who submitted that story, we’ll send this month’s custom ANKR, and our thanks.

Write as little or as much as you want — but give us all the ugly details. Losing important stuff can be miserable. So let’s revel in each other’s company.

If you’d like to grab a Rainbow ANKR, do it here before June 30.  

Keep an eye here, or on the ANKR Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter feeds for updates on each month’s new custom ANKR. You can always create your own custom ANKR design here, too.

Looking forward (in a manner of speaking) to your lost-stuff horror stories,