The magic behind custom ANKRs

The magic behind custom ANKRs
Posted on May 26, 2017 22:06

Ordering a custom ANKR? We’ve made sure your design is going to last.

Can we go a little inside-baseball about something we worked really hard on here at ANKR?

We had lofty goals in developing our smart tracker. It had to be dependable, easy to use, cool-looking and long-lasting.


The extra challenge: We also wanted users to be able to print an image of their choosing — a family photo, intricate art — onto something that isn’t much bigger than a postage stamp. It had to not only be clear and vibrant, but made to survive the wear and tear of being jumbled up in a pocket with metal keys, all day, every day.


Solution: Diamond-Tech Printing

We’re really proud of the solution we came up with for printing custom ANKRs — a super-detailed, super-resilient process we call Diamond-Tech Printing.


From magazines to photos, virtually all digital printing uses 300 dots-per-inch resolution. You get a good, clear image that way. For our custom ANKRs, we wanted more. Diamond-Tech uses 1200 dots per inch, which makes details print 16 times sharper.

Your photos are crisp and realistic, the intricacies in your art pop. We’ve even been able to print text so small it could only be read using a magnifying glass. (It looked great once we magnified it, too.) That level of detail is important to us.


There’s no point in making something look this great if it isn’t going to hold up.

Most printing processes use ink that dries and hardens, either by using heat or air and time. With Diamond-Tech printing, UV light cures and hardens the ink, bonding it to the ANKRs surface on a molecular level. The end result is a diamond-tough, diamond-pretty print.

We have personal custom ANKRs that have been through more than a year of abuse — from being jammed in bags to chewed on by toddlers — and they look as good as the day they were printed.

It gives us a lot of pride to know that our users are carrying something with them every day that looks great, works effortlessly and is built to last. 

Curious to see Diamond-Tech printing in person? Create your own custom ANKR, and see for yourself.