Worthwhile wallets

Worthwhile wallets
Posted on August 15, 2017 13:57

A collection of particular cool, unique wallets that you’ll really, really not want to lose.

The ANKR was designed to keep you from losing things that are important to you. So for obvious reasons, the most-ANKRd items tend to be our everyday necessities, like keys and wallets.

No one ever, ever wants to lose a wallet — whatever cash you carry aside, it’s a major time- and money-suck to replace IDs and credit cards, membership cards, gift cards and your favorite coffee-shop punch cards. Beyond that, what if you really like the actual wallet itself, too?

There are some wallets we’d try that much harder not to lose, and these are among them. They all have different charms; all are far from your standard black-leather trifold. Some are extra-thin, but since ANKRs are also extra-thin — about the thickness of two stacked quarters — one should fit in most (if not all) of these extra-cool wallets. Window-shop on:


1. Ridge Wallet


One for the minimalists who also want extra electronic protection, this aluminum wallet has RFID-blocking plates, replaceable elastic and an optional money clip. Added bonus for nostalgia hunters: Its shape’s reminiscent of a cassette. (Comes in other metal finishes and bright polycarbonate too.)

2. Trayvax original


If you have rugged tastes: This one’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum military-spec paracord, and it’s designed to fit 3-14 cards and 1-5 bills, with the option for increased capacity. Plus there’s a built-in bottle opener.

3. Herschel Edward wallet


Herschel’s one of our team’s favorite brands, for classic and cool backpacks, wallets and more. There’s nothing paradigm-shifting about their Edward wallet, it just looks really cool and functions perfectly. There are a bunch of different leather/fabric combinations, and plenty of room for your stuff (including an ANKR).

4. Fusion Wallet


You’ll need a little patience for this one-of-a-kind design, but it’ll be worth it. Every Fusion Wallet is handmade by the designer in the U.K., out of high-quality wood and machined aluminum. You can store coins (or an ANKR) in its storage bay, add up to 5 cards and 10 notes and business cards. But before you get your Fusion, there’ll be a bit of a wait — guy-in-charge Tom only makes about 100 a month, so customers have to pre-order and hang tough.

5. Dango Raw T01 Wallet bundle


Outdoorsy friends, this one’s for you. It’s a lot more than just a wallet, with a multi-tool that includes a knife, saw, hex wrenches and more. Attached is a cobra-weave paracord that unravels up to 10 feet. Since it’s made with heat-treated stainless steal and top-grain leather, it’ll certainly stand up to whatever rough-and-tumble stuff you get up to, too.

6. Edwin wallet


Over the years we’ve all known some dads/dudes who skip the wallet in favor of a beat-up binder clip. This Edwin wallet lets them stay comfortable with that simplicity, but carry something a little less Office Depot. It’s sleek and useful, with a cash stem to organize your bills around, a clip for everything else and a bunch of useful tools built into its design, like flat and Phillips-head screwdrivers and hex wrenches. It comes in a mix of colors, including this Jade option, and more low-key black/white/gray.

7. Madera poquito


Slim, sleek and small and made with cherry, oak or walnut, this Madera wallet just looks awesome. Full disclosure, it should fit an ANKR, since it has space for up to eight cards, but we haven’t tested it yet. Soon, for sure.

8. Jaqet Flip V2


If we’re going to go with a simple leather wallet, we’re partial to this Flip from Jaqet, since it takes the basic format and adds extra style, from the spring-loaded money clip and cool waxed Nylon details to the hand-dyed and cut leather with hand-sealed and -burnished edges. This Tahoe is one of the brighter options (it’s a nod to their home state of California), but there are simple browns and blacks too.

9. Recycled firefighter Fire Hose Sergeant


These are all made with decommissioned fire hose, and it’s cool to think that you’re carrying a wallet with potentially life-saving history in your pocket. It’s a front-pocket wallet, so it’s really slim, which means it’ll be a little tight for an ANKR (but one should fit in here too, since the wallet’ll take up to eight cards).

Whatever wallet you’re choosing to carry around, we can help you hold on to it. Head to the ANKR shop to explore our different bluetooth tracker options, or if you’d like to add your own aesthetic, create a custom ANKR here with whatever art/photos you like.