How to: Replace your ANKR's battery

How to: Replace your ANKR's battery
Posted on May 17, 2017 12:38

We designed the ANKR to be with you for the long run.


One option in the bluetooth tracker world: building a device with a short, set lifespan — a tracker that expires when the battery does. When we were developing the ANKR, we knew that wasn’t the right approach for us.



Since we’re offering the opportunity to customize your ANKR with designs, photos or logos that make it uniquely yours, we didn’t want our users stuck with a bluetooth tracker that was only briefly, uniquely theirs.

And to reach our goal — providing a tracker that was really user-friendly, and always guarding your stuff — meant that we needed to nix the downtime that would come with periodic reordering.

Changing the ANKR battery is quick and easy, here's how you do it.


How to change an ANKR battery from ANKR on Vimeo

The video above gives a quick look at how to change your ANKR’s battery — slip your guitar pick-shaped ANKR tool into the notch on the side, pop up the ANKR’s top panel, take the old battery out/put a new battery in, and snap the panel back in place.

Also worth noting: We’re not asking you to scour the outer reaches of the electronics world to find new batteries for your ANKRs. These are 2025 electronics batteries — super easy to find, inexpensive, and last about 6 months. Conveniently, if you like, you can also buy them directly from us.

Our intent is for the ANKR on your car keys to stick with you as long as the car does, and for the driver's license in your wallet to expire well ahead of the ANKR stuffed in next to it. If you end up buying more ANKRs, we'd rather it be because you're protecting more stuff.

Any other questions about how to use your ANKR? Head to the ANKR Support page — it’s stocked with answers.

Change is good, at least re: batteries,