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Custom ANKR (Light Gray)

$ 24.95

Please allow an extra 3-5 days for delivery, in order to make your custom ANKR.

Customize your ANKR now! Add your logo, photo, name or some art. If you love your mom, you should have her photo on your ANKR. You do love your mom, right?

  • Attach them to important stuff
  • Setup your ANKR using the mobile app
  • Get mobile alerts if you leave it behind
  • See where and when you left it
  • "Ring" your ANKR from the mobile app to find it fast

ANKR features our unique “no-pairing” Bluetooth technology, so they set up in seconds and just work. The free ANKR mobile app, helps you add and manage multiple ANKRs and Safe Zones.. If something gets left behind, we'll alert you and give you directions back to it. Once you’re in range, you can "ring" your ANKR to help find it quickly.

*Not all Android devices supported. See our Device Support page to see if your device is supported before purchasing.