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Welcome to the family! We’re happy that you’re considering carrying ANKR as a product in your portfolio. Your customers are about to become Unlosers - but first, take a look at our guidelines so that you can interact with the ANKR brand correctly.

Usage Guidelines

ANKR’s trademarks and trade dress are protected in the US and internationally, and may not be used without our written permission. ANKR’s trademarks include, but are not limited to, ANKR, the ANKR logo, and other graphics, phrase or images that identify the source or origin of ANKR’s products and services. Do not alter or modify the marks or use them in a confusing way that suggests that ANKR sponsors or endorses you or your products or services, or confuses the ANKR brand with another brand.

There are a number of visual considerations to be made when using the ANKR logo or ANKR images when conducting marketing or sales activities. When not limited by spatial constraints, the horizontal format of our logo (including the “ANKR” logotype) is preferred. The horizontal format refers to the relation of the ANKR logo itself, which in this case is situated to the left of the “ANKR” text. The vertical format of our logo is an alternate format; it consists of the ANKR logo sitting on top of the “ANKR” text. It is to be used only in instances where horizontal space is not adequate, but still have a need to include the “ANKR” name brand to introduce the product by name to a customer base for the first time.

These logos and fonts can be accessed via the Partner Portal at

When using the ANKR logo, the following rules should be adhered to at all times. Exceptions  may be made for motion graphics, as long as the logo resolves to its final style-guided format.

  1. The logo should never be manipulated, stretched, distorted or cropped.
  2. Do not change the font for the word “ANKR”.
  3. Do not change the color of the ANKR icon.
  4. Do not use the word “ANKR” by itself, without the icon, on promotional materials.
  5. Do not move the position of the icon.
  6. Do not recolor the logo outside of our brand color palette.
  7. Do not rotate or tilt the logo.
  8. The logo should never have drop shadows or other graphic effects added.

To ensure legibility and allow for ease of recognition, the minimum size of the logo without the tagline for on-screen applications is 30 pixels in height. The minimum size for the logo with the tagline for on-screen applications is 75 pixels in height.

For print applications, the minimum size for the logo without the tagline is 5mm in height and with tagline is 12.5mm in height.

An individual ANKR should be referred to as the ANKR 1 Smart Tracker at all times. The ANKR brand family as a whole should be referred to as ANKR at all times.

If you are in the media and need access to ANKR’s Press Kit, please email: 


Please note that we generally don’t permit use of our marks on accessories, applications or merchandise. Merchandise includes anything you create or build such as: t-shirts, hats, balloons, surfboards, cars, birdhouses, etc. We love your enthusiasm for our products but please don’t put our marks (including wordmarks and logos) on your custom creations.

Your use of our product images, logos, or wordmarks must not create the impression that ANKR endorses, sponsors, approves of, or is in any way associated with your product or service. Please do not use our marks in any way that would damage the marks, be misleading to consumers, or be derogatory to ANKR or its goods and services. 


 Please do not apply for a trademark containing ANKR, and do not use ANKR in your website name or register a domain that contains ANKR or any of our other wordmarks (such as, Quit Losing Your $#@!), or mispellings or other variations of our marks.